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Home Visit Lab Services

Now you do not have to be frustrated at the thought of getting your lab tests done. At Melsta Labs, we believe in bringing the best of our caring phlebotomy services to your door step. Get your tests done within the comforts of your home, office, workplace or nursing home.  A fully trained phlebotomist with a well-equipped kit would visit you for sample collection. Your report would be made available through our online web facility or through our dedicated Melstalabs app once it has been processed at our laboratory.



How to arrange a Mobile Sample Collection visit:

  1. Call 0115 660 660 and share your details with our dedicated Customer Services Personnel
  2. Schedule the required tests as per your requirements and times
  3. Our well trained Phlebotomy staff will visit your location with all required equipment to draw samples
  4. Make payments via Card or Cash to the visiting agents
  5. Your sample is processed at our state of the art laboratory facility
  6. Receive reports via our online reporting interface or through the Dedicated Melsta Labs app