Hospital Laboratory Management
Hospital Laboratory Management

Substantive investment, exceptional skills and unwavering dedication are at the foundation of successful laboratory management. These cornerstones facilitate cutting-edge technology, proficient manpower, automated equipment, compliance with stringent guidelines and utmost dedication to customer care.

In the past, most hospitals preferred having and in – house laboratory. However, this showcased multiple inefficiencies and conflicts of interest, to the detriment of the patients. As a measure to overcome this, hospitals now prefer partnering with specialist laboratories, giving prominence to the field of Hospital Laboratory Management.          

Key advantages of Laboratory Management through Melsta Labs

  • MelstaLabs with technical collaboration with SRL Ltd, through its well defined SOPs and quality systems, ensures adherence to processes and thus takes care of precision and quality, which forms the foundation of any pathology service.
  • Through the association, your hospital will have access to our complete range of diagnostic tests.
  • Being a service based industry, brand equity among doctors and patients is very important, and Melsta Labs proudly showcases its equity at various levels.
  • Melsta Labs has a centre of excellence that brings expertise in various fields like Haematology, Clinical Pathology, Haematology, Molecular Biology, and Microbiology.
  • MelstaLabs services are available in all major cities in Sri Lanka and are expanding to cover more ground across the island, and thus prides on having an efficient system to provide a backup and cater to all the needs of the hospital for which the Lab is managed.
  • Highly skilled and trained manpower from Melsta Labs can supplement the existing hospital staff.
  • Your hospital can leverage upon the ICT infrastructure of MelstaLabs to ensure that relevant information becomes available across the hospital as the lab management systems can be integrated with Hospital Information System (HIS).
  • Customer relationship management can also be taken care of by Melsta Labs.